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Kabadishop Team welcomes


Institutional Organizations, Corporate Offices and all other Private Sector businesses


To JOIN US in our environment friendly enterprise intended for selling their bulk scrap materials with stress-free pick up services. Keep your organization clean & sparkling by selling off your unwanted scraps & get cash worthy amount for it.


Tie-up with Kabadishop to relish online scrap pick-up services & add value to your scrap material. Get rid of your scrap just by poking us & we will take our entire process ahead in a smoother manner.

So, seam us in our journey of reducing the waste materials with our solution of ease.

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Kabadishop intends to tie up with all the private and public corporate offices across the Mumbai and near by cities to recycle the scrap they generate during their daily business. Keep your premises clean by selling your scrap to Kabadishop and join our hands in reducing the hazards to the environment in return get paid standard prices for your scrap waste. Enjoy our hassle-free service, sitting at your place in just three easy steps. Tie up feature enables to place the recurring order at a predefined regular interval so that you don’t have to book every time. If you want one-time pickup please visit the home page for booking.

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Join As Vendor

Who are Vendors?

Vendors are traditional Kabadishop.in, work as virtual part of our team. Traditional scrap dealers, who buy & stockpile the goods from the customers to sell it back to big fish in the pond.

Why vendors in our business?

We collaborate with traditional trustworthy vendors to join us to bring them a wide customer base to quadruple their revenues, which is impossible in their regular scrap trading business.

Benefits for vendors-

1) Boost their revenues by joining them with a huge customer base.

2) Making them interested in online scrap market.

3) Ethical business format for vendors to work more professionaly.

4) Engaging them in their sinking traditional business.

5) Converting them into online vendors for a better lifestyle & respect they need.

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